Russia Grand Opening, now you can buy tickets to live a new and unique experience with WOR(l)D

The epic March 17th WOR(l)D event date is fast approaching.

On this day, we’ll celebrate the “Grand Opening,” the official business opening in Russia and in the CIS area.

I’m still stuck with remembering the unforgettable memories of the new WOR(l)D headquarters inauguration in Moscow, but we are ready for the next event, and our goal is to surprise and excite you by leaving you with exciting, new memories of an exceptional day.

The venue will be at the Crocus City Hall, which will frame the new WOR(l)D event.

We will give you the chance to be a WOR(l)DER that will be part of the WOR(l)D history, but to do so, you have to be fast, because ticket availability is limited.

Ticket sales will begin on february 27th.

Tickets will be sold in 4 stocks and the price will increase at the end of each stock.

  • first stock: 500 tickets 20$
  • second stock: 500 tickets 30$
  • third stock: 1.000 tickets 40$
  • fourth stock: 2.500 tickets 50$

What are you waiting for?
Hurry up and take your ticket to live a dream.
Log into WOR(l)D and turn your dreams into reality.