Fabio Galdi among the 5th best MLM CEOs in the world


Who were the best CEOs of MLM companies in the world?
The site Business For Home launched a survey, leaving its readers free to choose among 175 CEOs around the world.

Leaders of successful companies, visionaries, creators of unique opportunities to its affiliates.

It is with great pride, then, that we noticed the extraordinary result of WOR(l)D’s President & CEO Fabio Galdi, established as 5th best MLM CEO in the world, thanks to the votes of networkers around the world.

An excellent result, considering that WOR(l)D is just two years old.
A result, however, that’s not surprising. Because WOR(l)D was immediately established itself as one of the most innovative network marketing companies, thanks to its outstanding products and services. Last but not least, WOR(l)D NRG is a business dream that will revolutionize the lives of hundreds of thousands affiliates.

All this thanks to the vision, inventiveness and strategy of one man: the No. 5 CEO in the world, Fabio Galdi!

2013, meanwhile, began auspiciously.
According to you what will be his rank among the best CEO of MLM Companies in the world next year?