Correction regarding the listing of WOR(l)D on the GXG markets

Last week, in the excitement of our first “Golden Sharer Meeting” we announced our stock market listing in the coming months on the GXG Main Quote market.

We wish to state unequivocally, however, that the Company has not yet listed on any stock market.

The procedures for the listing have only been initiated internally and we have decided not to progress with our application any further until the WOR(l)D financial year has been completed at the end of March.

Accordingly we will start the process of an application to list on the GXG Markets after 31 March 2013 and may we remind you that all applications regarding admittance to trading on GXG Markets are thoroughly scrutinised and may be subject to rejection. For this reason we will be engaging expert advisers to assist us with this process.

WOR(l)D Counsel